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United Airways (BD) Ltd is committed to establish and maintain a robust Flight Safety Culture. For the protection of our customers, our staff, our customers and our future, we are committed to continuous improvement of our safety performance.

Our costumers can be reassured that we have in place some of the most stringent security measures in the industry. We continuously work closely with regulatory bodies and relevant authorities around the world to monitor and implement the safety and security measures we have in place, and our policy is in full compliance with all regulatory requirements.

The directors of the company have the overall responsibility of the safety of themselves and others whom be effected by their work. We all have an obligation to participate in the development of positive culture of safety. This is central to our business and key to our success.

A safe operation will also provide an efficient on time performance and with the ability and efforts of our crew members and staff, we will provide a high standard of service in order to satisfy our customer’s requirement.


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